I have never heard of anyone who had a negative opinion about chimpanzees. Some people love them, some don't care, but no one dislikes them. They're little mutant semi-humans, and that is just incredibly cool. I just couldn't imagine someone who looks at a chimpanzee and no semblance of a smile comes to his or her face.

Chimpanzees bounce around, eat bananas, do funny things with their teeth, have no qualms about having sex in public, and even do sign language (though it's disputed whether they actually do it or are just mimicking). The make funny sounds and throw things at people, too.

And then there's the ACTING. Many chimpanzees can act better than, well, I can't really end that sentence without it sounding really dated after a while. TBS's The Chimp Channel was the most refreshing and entertaining show of 1999. I can hardly contain the excitement I get when thinking about chimps.

But don't be mistaken – a chimpanzee is not a monkey. Although monkeys are quite enjoyable, chimpanzees qualify as apes, along with such notables as gorillas and orangutans. Chimps can reach up to FIVE FEET TALL! And 150 lbs! That's like a really fat junior high kid.

Don't forget, soon enough, chimpanzees will evolve into humans, and vice versa.

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Review by Albert Stephanides