God's original sampler


I'm calling it here right now: I wouldn't be surprised if in three years – the way hip-hop is continually redefining & expanding its horizons – that the mockingbird could surpass the pot leaf and the turntable to be THE phattest icon around. As certain hip-hop paths seem to lead down an earthier, grass-roots philosophy, what better way to keep it real than with God's original sampler?

Known to lift its calls from such sources as car alarms and meowing cats, mockingbirds will seamlessly drop in a huge variety of different bird calls during one of their sets, and with no fear of litigation, either.

Until DJs start mixing exclusive sets of bird call records (notify me when this happens), nature will be the only place you might hear a common grackle played back-to-back with a purple grosbeak, or better yet, a truly acoustic representation of a lawn mower.

Yeeeeah, bird!

Mockingbirds are also incredibly boisterous, nervy birds, and not to kick it too 1986 here, but would probably wear miniature thick gold chains if those were commonly found in nature. I can't sympathize much for the irritated resident with a pair of mocks near their house, waking them and the baby up at 5AM with an unwanted exclusive "warbler mating song" set. In essence it's really no different than that upstairs DJ neighbor of yours spinning The Roots at all hours of the day. Feel privileged, as the Roots are awesome, so are mockingbirds.

Bonus tip for all y'all Soundcloud beatmakers: Bring in both a mockingbird and a very talkative myna bird into the studio – the former lays down grooves, the latter busts rhymes ("Here kitty kitty kitty kitty," etc). Guaranteed #1.

Review by AAA