Cherry Coke

When Cherry Coke was originally released, I think back in 1982 or so, it was easily my favorite beverage in the world. If the beverage industry ever got as reissue-fixated as the music industry is, Coca-Cola would do well to reissue Cherry Coke in its original tight-red-striped white can – I would buy some just for nostalgia's sake. And of course Coca-Cola needs my advice on this matter, because my ideas are always on the cutting edge of marketing and capitalism.

Some of my previous ideas:

• Pop Rocks Life Cereal (a proposed tie-in with the urban legend about Mikey from the Life Cereal commercials dying after consuming Pop Rocks)

• Henry Winkler Brand Frosted Monties Cereal (a proposed tie-in with the short-lived show "Monty")

• Family Matters action figures

• Banana Matthew Broderick Cereal

I'm not sure why I think up so many cereals, but I'm surprised I've never sold the rights to a one. Anyway, the new can of Cherry Coke is far too youth-market for my taste, although the actual taste of the beverage is still wonderful. A bit less kick than Dr Pepper, but in the same basic ballpark. You still can't beat cherry coke made with coke and cherry syrup, or grenadine, but the "official" Cherry Coke is good nonetheless. Not as good as a bowl of Banana Matthew Broderick, but I'm going to have to let that go.

Review by Sue Gaggs