Miller Lite

Miller Lite has to be the most overrated beer in America. It tasted nauseating and acrid when my stepdad forced me to drink it when I was six, and my view has not changed even though my palette has.

Even fans of the stuff know that there is literally no substance to Miller Lite; this is definitely not "a beer that eats like a meal," to mix my sloganizing. But it's not even refreshing; both first gulp and aftertaste are odious, malodorous, and even onerous. It's the one beer for which I can say that the stupid "skunky beer" catchphrase is actually apt, the difference being that "freshness" has nothing to do with it. Miller Lite is no good regardless of when it is brewed.

Unfortunately, the beer's ubiquity ensures it will continue to be bought by the lemming-like public. I honestly think Miller Lite is worse than stereotypically bad beers like Milwaukee's Best, Old Style, and Natural Light (though not Blatz). And I'm still confused as to why the "lite" variety of Miller is so vastly inferior to the pedestrian but not awful tastes of Miller Genuine Draft, Miller High Life, and even MGD Lite. Conspiracies and lies, I tell ya …

Review by HIP