Mountain Dew Zero Sugar

BOY: Say, GIRL, this Mountain Dew Zero Sugar is somethin' else!

GIRL: You said it, BOY! Full Mountain Dew flavor with none of that fuckin' sugar!

BOY: It's like a middle ground between Mountain Dew and Diet Mountain Dew!

GIRL: Fuckin'-A-right, BOY! All the goddamned caffeine of a Mountain Dew, yet NONE of the 10 calories of a Diet Mountain Dew!

BOY: Some diet that is, huh GIRL? 10 fuckin' calories?! FUCK THAT!

GIRL: Goddamn right, BOY! That's pure cloud-fuckin'-cuckooland if you ask me! Gimme ZERO SUGAR, FULL CAFFEINE, AND NO FUCKIN' CALORIES ALREADY!

BOY: YEEEAAAAH GIRL!!!! Now, what I want to do is play doctor!

GIRL: [GIGGLE] Me too!

Review by Pumboo Dongo-Dohnoh