Negra Modelo

An imported Mexican beer (as opposed to a domestic Mexican beer? Wait, what country am I in? Did I fugue again?), Negra Modelo has one of the coolest bottles you'll come across. It's very squatty and wide with a long neck much like its American cousins.

After my experience with Goose Island Anniversary Ale, I was very apprehensive about another dark beer, but I ended up enjoying Negra Modelo quite a lot. It's quite mild and smooth, with only a vague hint of an aftertaste, very reminiscent of Michelob Amber Bock.

I could definitely drink a lot of these, which would inevitably lead to my blacking out. Soon enough, I'd come to in the hospital nursing numerous stab wounds and blunt trauma, vaguely remembering my trip to East St. Louis during which I insisted that I was La Parka and shouted obscenities in fractured Spanish at passers-by.

Review by ICE