Two Of Us (2000)
Directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg
Written by Mark Stanfield

Essentially moving-picture fan fiction, Two Of Us imagines Paul McCartney going to visit John Lennon in 1976 and what they would talk about. Enjoyment of it entirely depends on your Beatles fandom and/or knowledge – it hits all the right buttons if you're already a fan. And it's both more smartly written and better acted than your typical VH1 film fare.

Aidan Quinn (!) plays Paul McCartney, rather well (!), and Jared Harris (Andy Warhol from I Shot Andy Warhol) is a pretty spot-on Lennon. The two get over some initial coldness to rediscover their friendship and get some closure on the whole Beatles mess. They smoke some weed, play some music, talk the big talk, and leave each other for the last time.

I would have liked for the DVD to have included the following two alternate endings:

• Yoko comes home and fends McCartney off Bruce Lee-style

• McCartney is gunned down outside the Dakota by Mark David Chapman's father

But that's why I'm never chosen to write these things.

Review by Andi Ampersand