aussie pie kitchen

Aussie Pie Kitchen
2510 Main St, Santa Monica, CA, USA

Unlike the shuttered Aussie Pee Kitchen (which, fortunately, didn't exist), Aussie Pie Kitchen cropped up recently around the Venice/Santa Monica border (the official border, according to city records, is "a vibe" in a studio apartment somewhere just off Ocean Park).

This place is damn-near perfect for someone like me, who requires heavy carb meals in between all my other heavy carb meals. What, do you expect me to eat ramen and tacos for every meal?


OK, if so, I will comply. But first … Aussie Pie!!!

aussie pie kitchen

Really, you can't go wrong here in terms of ordering. The choices really boil down to what kind of meat and/or veg you want, and whether to add sides (which can also be toppings)— a "tiger stack" is any two sides plus gravy.

After much anguished hand-wringing over a) Potential Meat, and b) Peas Or Succotash, I went with the Steak and Shiraz stack, with mashed potatoes and succotash! Oh sorry, I meant to say "spoiler alert."

aussie pie kitchen

Now, you don't have to be Paul Hogan to know that this meal was crikey (or as the Maori pronounce it, "cray-cray") delicious. Sure, it's not for every day, but … wait, why not? IT'S FOR EVERY DAY IF YOU SAY IT IS, MOTHERFUCKER!

Of course, if you eat here every day, you'll lose those abs, but you know what that'll make you? An Ab Original!

Well fuck you, man, I was just workshoppin' that shit. 🤷

Review by Wimpempy Tarlisle, October 2015