Cozzi Corner
1202 E. 75th St, Downers Grove, IL, USA

Small, very friendly hot dog and Italian Beef joint out in the boonies of Chicago suburbia. In a land overtaken by patently inauthentic big-logo restaurants like Pappadeaux and Halal, I Must Be Going!, it's nice to find places that still do it right, right down to the poppy-seeded S. Rosen buns.

Cozzi's does all the Chicago fast-food classics: hot dogs, Polish sausages, gyros, Tom Tom tamales, corn dogs, and yes! Iltaco Pizza Puffs! And Double Yesss™!!! Even gravy bread! I felt right at home.

I got the Italian Beef combo with cheese fries and a Green River (Triiiipppple Yesssssssss®™!!!). Cheese and giardianera on the beef. Should have had them soak it, as the sandwich was a bit dry. Cheese fries came with cheese on the side; fries were nice and crispy. $8.65 all told, which is right on the money, honey.

Overall, quite a satisfying Chicago food meal, no fireworks, but no complaints, neither. In an increasingly difficult world, I can always find my center eating some really-bad-for-you-food among the salt of the earth and reading a Chicagoland used car magazine. Gotta love any city where people buy a used Buick or Olds and love it.

Review by Boo-Boo Honey, November 2012