Great Steak & Potato Co.
Stratford Square Mall, Bloomingdale, IL, USA

The food court at Stratford Square mall adds a touch of class to the dining experience. It is still a food court – there is no doubt about that – but the quaint autumnal design scheme and elegant signage decorating the raised, inset eating area put me at ease. The neon glow of the Great Steak logo shines through the space and invites you in like a warm black mammy.

The Great Steak experience here is equal to the best of them, which is to say, all of them. The sandwich was delicious, though I have to say that the bun was a little off, requiring just a bit too much chewing. But that's a forgivable offense, for the fries were delectable. Easily the best fries I've ever gotten from a Great Steak. Fresh, hot, salty, greasy, crispy, and ketchupy, just like my fantasies about Teresa Heinz Kerry.

Another fine meal courtesy of the Great Steak & Potato Co. Can they possibly do wrong?

Review by El Argol, August 2004