Johnnie's Beef
1935 S. Arlington Heights Rd, Arlington Heights, IL, USA

"Best beef" is one of the perennial debates among Chicagoans. Is it the original Italian beef sandwich from Al's on Taylor? The off-menu "superbeef" at The Boeuf Trough in North South Cicero? Or the famous beef between "Southside" Joe Basso and Joe "Skinnypecker" Siemanskiew that led to the unfortunate slaughter of 31 innocent illegals in a stockyard refrigerator car way back in 1981?

Johnnie's is routinely mentioned among the very best, although it's usually the Elmwood Park location. The Arlington Heights location is a little more convenient because they have seating, they take credit cards, and they're closer to my Buffalo Grove percoset supplier, Jurek.


As for the beef, you know it's legit because on any given visit most of the people milling around look like they're getting a "fix." Not to the extent of the people who mill around near Jurek's apartment, but the vibe is similar. You'll see people literally walking in as though being drawn by a tractor beam.

I get mine with sweet and hot peppers, and dipped, which here they call "juicy." $6.55 is what it set me back on this most recent visit. A fucking fair sight more reasonable than $15 a perc from fuckin' Jurek, I'll say that much!

Review by Bailiff Effalee Bayleaf, December 2019