Las Palmeras
Ave Rafael E. Melgar, San Miguel, Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico

The town square of San Miguel in Cozumel is lined with bellowing hucksters who aggressively try to entice you into their lame-ass touristy restaurants with promises of two-for-one margaritas and the like. You're best off venturing as far off the square as you can get, since there are some wonderful places to get a low-key meal or a couple of decent drinks. But then there are places like Las Palmeras.

Located directly across from where the ferries and cruise-ships dock, this place is the epitome of bullshit tourist dining. The menu looks strikingly like that of Denny's, and the food isn't much better. Nothing particularly authentic or good, though it's totally functional, especially if you happen to be hungry and just don't feel like walking to anything better.

I had some shrimp ceviche and a piña colada, both of which were good, and the missus had a margarita, which was terrible (I think at some point I gave her my piña colada and took on the onus of the margarita, since I'm a real gentleman). The chips were warm and tasty, but that's about the best thing I can say about this place.

Review by Elroy Washi, October 2004