Pho' Hana
22815 Hawthorne Blvd, Torrance, CA, USA

I'm not the world's biggest Pho Phan (that honor belongs to Pho Phan, her given name!) but this is a pretty decent pho joint. The real deal. Nothing stellar, nothing glitzy. The kind of pho place where the local Viet Cong go to eat.

I got #21, brisket, and a soda lemonade. The soda lemonade was too potent for me. The soup was pretty good. Flavorful broth. Best part was, the front of the restaurant was packed, so we were seated in the back, where the walls are decorated with album covers – mostly the usual stuff, except for a weirdo (presumably Vietnamese-issue) Beatles LP I'd never seen before!

No complaints, but it would be better if they played "The End" by The Doors overhead on repeat.

Review by Deep Dickens, November 2011