Poquito Mas
2215 Westwood Blvd Westwood, CA, USA

Whenever I'm in LA, which I am frequently for adult-video-industry-related business trips, I always like to eat at Poquito Mas. Fast food Mexican doesn't get any better, and they always have real Mexicans to serve it to ya.

The food is so fresh you could eat off it. The ingredients taste like they've just been plucked from God's garden. They've got terrific, fresh-made salsas, and there are many to choose from, some which will boil your head right off, others which are much less rough on your tongue (which I can't say for myself).

This location is, so far, my least favorite of the PM restaurants I've been to. It's in a strip mall, for one thing, so it loses some of the charm that comes with the stand-alone confidence of the other ones. Plus, it was way too cold in there.

The food sure was good, though. I had me a bean and cheese burrito. MMMM! Cheap, too. And they have freefills. Yuck, I'm not sure how I feel about that word I just coined. Let's just say they have free refills and leave it at that, gringo.

Review by P.J. Sure-as-Shit, April 2004