santa fe bite

Santa Fe Bite
311 Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe, NM, USA

As soon as my feet hit the ground in Santa Fe, I essentially turned into a Pac-Man intent on gobbling up as much New Mexican food as possible, with a special emphasis on green chile cheeseburgers. As they say in the Fe, "Once you go green, you don't even know what green don't mean."

Well, fortunately only the old-timers say that anymore, because it's just confusing.

Anyway, Santa Fe Bite is the current incarnation of a beloved old joint called Bobcat Bite, whose green chile burger remains top-of-mind to a lot of Fe-gots.

What, isn't that what they call people in Santa Fe? Well, excuuüüuse me. 🤷

santa fe bite

It seems like this place draws a bit of an older crowd, with a mix of well-heeled locals and out-of-towners—it reminded me of Santa Barbara in that respect, where you'll find some great food in places that aren't real flashy, but have a clear sense of good taste. And anyway, I always feel right at home in a roomful of older folks, because I was born cranky and my hair went white in third grade.

I sat at the counter and ordered me a burger.

santa fe bite green chile cheeseburger

The menu is chock full of your typical diner sandwiches, salads, chops, and burgers—I went with the bacon green chile cheeseburger, medium rare, with house chips and a Santa Fe Pale Ale.

Easily the best burger, and best meal, I had while in Santa Fe, and I had a lot of burgers and a lot of meals. I'm still torn on whether the bacon was necessary; it certainly didn't detract, but the simple and pure combination of rare beef, green chile, and cheese might be preferable.

Damn refreshing beer, too. A little under $30 all told, which ain't cheap, but as they say in the Fe, "You too cheap for the Fe, you ain't fit to sleep in the Fe."

Man, they sure say a lot of things in the Fe!

Review by Wimpempy Tarlisle, March 2017