Subway #4997
6555 N. Clark St, Chicago IL, USA

Based on the dour strip mall it's in, I expected this Subway to be one of those kinda junky ones you run across every now and then. Not quite a shithole one—those are typically built into a gas station and/or the back corner of some bootleg department store—but just enough above that caliber to even consider patronizing.

Imagine my surprise when, from the very first visit on, this has proved to be one of the cleanest, most accurate, and most consistent Subways of my short life. (I'm 1'11".) Hot sub, cold sub, special deal, combo meal … whatever it is that submerges your sub, they got it covered. (That's "floats your boat" to us SubWariners™ … isn't that what they call Subway's rabid legion of superfans?)

The sandwich artists here are super-friendly and really good at what they do. I've even thought about asking for the fabled "U-cut" once or twice but I'm too chicken. Of my age being revealed!!!!

And they have giardinera, and it's no extra charge! Makes any sub way better, just ask those MoFo's from Das Boot!

Best thing of all about this particular Subway? Nary a pedophile in sight.

Review by Wimpempy Tarlisle, December 2019