Taco Bell #20536
8329 Skokie Blvd, Skokie, IL, USA

This Taco Bell is more satisfying than most. It's clean, it's well layed-out, it's never that busy, the crew doesn't screw up your order, it's efficient, and the portions seem unusually generous. They play unexpectedly interesting jazz music overhead, not smooth jazz, but real jazz versions of songs you wouldn't expect, like Natalie Merchant for example.

But none of that is even the best part about it. They have talking garbage cans!

I'm serious! The garbage cans actually thank you for putting your garbage into them. I swear to God, it's straight out of fucking RoboCop. Shit, if garbage cans can talk now, what'll it be like in 15 years? Will they be able to learn? Will they be able to feel? Will they use their voices to reject their unfortunate role in society and demand a better lot? I think I ought to start a garbage-can abolitionist newspaper and do my part to free these noble savages. It will be called Canarchy Now!

Review by Timothy Hay, April 2004