The Kevin Matthews Show 105.9 FM – WCKG Chicago
reviewed July 2003

I'd like to thank Milton for proving to me that radio uniformly sucks, no matter the size of the market. In huge markets like Chicago, there's just more opportunity for suck, and for the quality of suck to be even greater.

This is a clone of every other morning show, though Matthews can't even get on in the morning, since his station carries Stern.

All the ingredients are there:

Is there actually a show here? I swear it's half commercials, both prerecorded and read live. This is the type of radio show that invariably leads people to say things like "I know I could be that funny." About all I can't do that Matthews does is fairly decent impressions, but then again, who doesn't do Stallone?

This station must be a real treat to listen to. Stern – who since Jackie Martling left is just a chore to listen to – in the morning. Matthews in the afternoon. Steve Dahl, another asswipe, in the evening. Just twelve straight hours reminding you why there are CD players in cars.

this shot blows

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Review by Mario Speedwagon