Arm & Hammer Dental Care Baking Soda Gum – Peppermint

The advent of toothpaste gum has changed the world of fresh breath for the better, and Arm & Hammer led the charge. Though not quite as dazzling as Trident Advantage, Arm & Hammer's Baking Soda gum was the originator and is still among the very best breath freshening products you can buy.

The dual-hygienic battery of breath freshening and tooth-cleaning is a powerful combo. For anyone who is tired of consuming mouthful after mouthful of pure baking soda after every meal, this gum provides a very efficient alternative.

The flavor is fairly long-lasting before turning into Juicy Fruit like mush. If you're expecting gum as in Hubba Bubba or the like, you will be disappointed; otherwise this is a delightful breath freshening experience.

It's "Hammer" Time!

Review by Suzie Sunday