Ricola Peppermint Pearls

I had never heard of or seen these anywhere until my father presented me with a box recently. They have a very unattractive greenish-brown color, a gumdrop-like shape and texture, only firmer and less chewy than a real gumdrop.

The outside of the box touts them as being sugar free, and as being "Swiss Natural Herb Breath Mints." While this is comforting, another very disconcerting line on the outside warns that they "may have a mild laxative effect if consumed in large quantities." Yeek!

But, since I don't plan on eating an entire box at once, and they are actually pretty refreshing, I'll gladly recommend them. And I guess, if I get "stopped up," I can count on these to clear out the ol' poo pipes, if you catch my drift.

Review by Crimedog