For overall strength, longevity of freshness, and aesthetic appeal it will be hard to top the Smint. Despite the increasing intensity and overachievement of its successors, Smint still packs a cathartically painful punch.

The nearly microscopic mint offers an impact quote out of proportion to its size, like a small man with a surprisingly big dick. Smint delivers a most effective freshness, leaving the mouth feeling cool and clean.

Smint also has the best packaging design, its compact dispenser unit doling out one, and only one, Smint at a time – 'cause that's all you need.

Some have expressed dismay that the dispenser does not fit as easily into a pocket as, say, Certs Powerful Mints, but, as with having a surprisingly big dick, the extra bulge can only do you good, be it simply as a conversation piece or as an open invitation to the loose and horny.

Review by Honey Sunspot