Pringles Wendy's® Baconator®

— Blind Items Revealed —
After meeting at a party recently, the head of this popular restaurant chain apparently hooked up with this icon of the snack food world. According to my source, large amounts of MDMA and assorted other substances were involved, resulting in both an unexpected collaboration, and, unfortunately, also a trip to Planned Parenthood.

*** Wendy Thomas/Julius Pringles ***

Wendy Thomas & Julius Pringles

Well, you never do know what you'll discover in the ol' scandal sheet these days. I can't attest to the seedier aspects of this particular story, but I can offer my thoughts on the "unexpected collaboration." Pringles Wendy's® Baconator® are delicious!

Now, in terms of flavor accuracy, Pringles can be hit and miss. Sometimes, as with the recent Walgreens exclusive Pringles Sweet Corn, they taste almost unnervingly like the real thing. Other times, as with, say, Pringles Cheddar Cheese, the experience is more like your garden-variety flavored potato chip—that is to say, cheese-flavored potato chips, regardless of brand, taste like "cheese-flavored potato chips," not cheese.

So while Pringles are pretty much always good, you might find yourself either marveling at the realism, or just enjoying 'em for what they are. That said … which camp does Pringles Wendy's® Baconator® fall into?

Well, I can't say they made me feel like I was eating an actual Wendy's® Baconator®, despite an overall savoriness and consistent ketchupy tones. Strangely, though, they did subsequently make me feel like having eaten a Wendy's® Baconator®. I guess this is the kind of black magic that emerges when junk food celebrities embark upon a drug-fueled fuckfest.

Review by Wimpempy Tarlisle