Captain Curt's™ Famous Boss Sauce

Captain Curt's™ Famous Boss Sauce – Hot

What a great goddamn barbecue sauce this is! I just finished me a plate of veggie ribs slathered in Curt's Boss Sauce, and my lips and tongue are still tingling like the morning after a hot night with Lynne Russell. Tangy, spicy, deep and smoky. Rich and thorough without overwhelming the mouth with too much heat.

Connoisseurs and amateurs alike should be well pleased with Curt's. It's as boss as it says. Nothin' too fancy, just good goodamn sauce. Whether you just like a little dab or really like to slather 'em up like you've been on a weeklong cunnilingus binge, you're good to go with Curt's. There's probably an Open Pit joke in there somewhere, but I think I better just stop.

Review by DEF