For some Loud Bassoon contributors, the guiding principle "Review whatever you want" is simply insufficient. "The Tossers," as they are known, are a rogue group of writers who seek absolute extremes in the reviewing experience.

They routinely "dare" each other to review things – beverages, restaurants, movies, video games, vitamins, whatever – sometimes maliciously, other times out of curiosity.

They follow a strict set of rules and hold each other accountable to follow through and never drop a Hot Potato no matter how painful it may be.

The Tossers take particular pride in how far they'll go to subject themselves to all manner of potential weirdness. It's about venturing outside of their respective comfort zones. Their discomfort comes across in their reviews.

You never know what to expect with a Hot Potato, as the Tossers are a perverse bunch. It's pretty much bound to be a ride on the subversive side.

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The Tossers:


Completed: 4
Tossed: 4
Dropped: 1

For Love or Mummy
Scooby-Doo & the Aliens
Exorcist II
Kangaroo Jack