the hot potato toss

The Loud Bassoon® Hot Potato Toss™ – The Rules™

  1. Hot Potatoes may be tossed beginning the first Monday of every month.

  2. Tossers may toss up to two Potatoes per month.

  3. No Tosser may be tossed more than two Potatoes per month. It is up to each Tosser to keep track of the Potatoes currently being juggled.

  4. If a Tosser inadvertently tosses a Potato to a target already juggling two, he must complete that newly-tossed Potato.

  5. To toss a Potato, the Tosser emails

  6. If the target declines the Potato, he may toss it to another Tosser or toss it back to the original Tosser.

  7. If a Potato is tossed back, the original Tosser must complete it.

  8. Received Potatoes must be given disposition within one week (accepted or re-tossed).

  9. If an accepted or tossed-back Potato is not completed by the end of the month, it is considered dropped.

  10. Once a Potato is tossed, it can not be recalled.
  11. It is the burden of the Tosser to ensure that the Potato is accessible to the target. If the Potato is confirmed as inaccessible, the Tosser may be compelled to review it himself.

  12. If a target accepts a Potato and legitimately can not locate the item in question, he may request a substitute Potato, which he will not have the option to decline. All Tossers may act to confirm accessibility of the item to the target and the tosser.

  13. All completed Potatoes must be submitted by the end of the month, giving the Tossers up to four weeks to complete their monthly Potatoes depending on when they are tossed.

  14. There is no penalty for declining or dropping. Come to think of it, there is no reward for accepting or completing, either.

  15. Stats for tossing, completing, and dropping will be tracked on the main Hot Potato page.

  16. Potatoes must not be prohibitively expensive nor time-consuming. We suggest no more than $10 and no more than three hours including potential travel.

  17. If a Tosser tosses a Potato that is discovered to be more than $10 and/or more than three-hours, and the target objects, the Tosser must complete that Potato.

  18. Mere inconvenience is not an adequate objection to a Potato. Remember, this is not about comfort.

  19. If a Tosser tosses a Potato that is already reviewed on the site, he will be given a penalty Potato to complete, without the option to decline.

  20. If a Tosser will be away or otherwise unable to participate during a given month, he must notify the other Tossers to let them know. Penalty Potatoes may be tossed by all Tossers upon the AWOL Tosser's return, with no option to decline.

  21. Rules will be revised as needed as Tossers discover additional nuances to the game.