icandy #5 (March 2004)
by Don Abnett, Andy Lanning, Kalman Andrasofszky, Eric Vedder, & Rob Ross

In the future, a videogame corporation has discovered a troubling link between our universe and the parallel one that exists for videogames. That universe is real, and what's more, there is a war brewing between them and us!

The videogame world has the capabilities to send "bitmaps"—that is, real entities—tinto our world to kick our asses. Our only hope is Candy, an expert gamer who turned into a human-bitmap hybrid when she was sucked into the videogame world for ten mysterious seconds.

Now it is up to Candy to take on the evil bitmaps before they conquer humanity and put an end to life as we know it!

What does it mean???

It means I'm getting far too fucking flippant in my comic book purchases.

Review by Why You Frontin'?