NYX #4 (July 2004)
by Joe Quesada & Joshua Middleton

NYX seemed to have disappeared after issue #3, gone from the shelves for several months, which usually signifies no good thing for a comic's future. That would be my luck, as the comics I get into inevitably get canceled after like six issues. All for the best, of course, as I would hate to start, like, buying storage boxes to hold hundreds of comics. The last thing I need is one more thing in common with Kevin Smith.

This issue fills in some details in the story of Kiden, a mutant raver girl who can stop time, and her mysterious encounter with X-23, a softspoken mutant teen whore with Wolverine-like claws. Though it repeats much of what's already happened, the approach is fleshier and more engaging; plus, after so many months away, I don't mind having my mind refreshed.

Turns out, Kiden is being guided by her dead father, whom she sees as a ghostly presence, albeit a bloody ghostly presence. Must be hard to have your dad telling you what to do while covered in blood. Certainly it was for me after Dad killed Mom. "Get a mop, faggot," he said.

The issue also introduces a mutant Latina teen who can, I think, control animals. I haven't seen this many mutant teen girls since my camp-counseling days at Lambs Farm.

The art is stellar, and the storytelling gets better and better. Hopefully NYX #5 will not be so long coming … though I'm sure I'll be grateful if it shows up at all.

Review by Shinbone Shiny