Clay Aiken
Bridge Over Troubled Water and This is the Night
(RCA 51785)

I could have downloaded this CD off the Internet, but in the spirit of the Hot Potato Toss, I shelled out $6 for it. That could have been lunch at the The Great Steak – these are the sacrifices involved in throwing hot potatoes around.

It wasn't even in the "new releases" section, the first piece of evidence supporting my belief that no one actually wants to hear Clay Aiken. His notoriety was contained entirely in a televised dog-and-pony show, and now that it's over, he has no appeal.

I'm looking at the CD cover right now and thinking, why would I care about this before "American Idol"? He is a goofy-looking guy trying his best to be sexy, and while that definitely works for Michael Bolton, well, Clay Aiken ain't Michael Bolton. I mean, who is he kidding? A brown leather jacket, with his shirt open two buttons? This is all wrong.

aiken to be

But let's assume that Clay Aiken is sexy, and that people want to hear his deep African voice. If you have both those things going for you, the last thing you would choose to sing is "Bridge Over Troubled Water." If Clay Aiken had any audacity, he would have performed "How Am I Supposed to Live Without You."

As it stands, this single has absolutely no soul. I can't even remember what the second song is, but it was apparently the number the "American Idol" competition hinged on.

This single has about as much personality as Clay displayed on television. It is neither good nor bad, just irrelevant. Now I just hope he releases a solo album called either Claymation or My Aiken Heart.

Review by Illusion Master