George Harrison
North American Tour 1974: First Live Show at Pacific Coliseum Vancouver
(Beatles Master Works BMW025)

Listening to this boot of Beatle George's first live show on his jubilant 1974 tour, it's like you're there. Yes, right there, in the very back row of the cavernous Pacific Coliseum, surrounded by rowdy Canadian fans, unable to really see anything or clearly hear the music amid all the distortion and echo.

In spite of the grungy sound quality, this is still a bit of a treat for Harrison fans, as it captures the loose energy of what was a fun, revue-style tour – probably the best solo Beatle tour of any, though it's not regarded as such and isn't at all well-documented in the bootleg world.

Though Wings tended to put on a more crowd-pleasing show, George's 1974 tour is far less pre-programmed, more akin to the organic caravan approach of Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue. Some George gems, the requisite Billy Preston spotlight songs, and even a bit of Tom Scott (!) … pretty refreshing shit, overall.

But yeah, it sounds a bit like shit. The 2-disc boot Fort Worth Express is much better sounding and is a complete show, so that's the one to grab. But of course, if you're grabbing a George Harrison 1974 tour bootleg in the first place, you'll certainly grab all of them. Is Beatles collecting categorized in the DSM-IV yet?

Review by "Fierce" Pierce Pettipong