Live at the Acropolis
(Private Music 82116)

Is it the mustache? The funny name? Why, exactly, did this album come to the forefront of pop culture in the early 90s?

I don't know a single thing about Yanni other than this album, and I'm willing to bet that most other people are the same way. I even thought he was a singer before I listened to this, so I was prepared for a lot of cringing when La Fée tossed this to me.

But it's not that bad at all. The music sounds like something you'd typically find playing at Borders. Some of it even wouldn't be out of place in a videogame.

In any case, it is completely inoffensive and certainly not deserving of the ridicule it received back in the day. That would be like taking someone like, say, Ving Rhames and making all sorts of jokes about him.

Review by Illusion Master