Meet the Royals
reviewed September 2003

Why? Why is this show being aired? Is there a sufficiently large segment of the American population that is so infatuated with the British Royal Family that the existence of this show is justified?

The particular episode I sat through was "Charles & Camilla." One whole hour detailing the relationship between the two; starting from the very beginning through the period while she was married to Andrew Parker-Bowles and screwing Charles on the side, through the period when he was married to Diana and screwing Camilla on the side, through the troubled period after Charles and Diana's divorce, and ultimately now, with the two of them being a public and fully accepted couple.

It was a little interesting to hear some of the weird shit that went on, like how Charles actually lived with Camilla and her husband for a while, and he would screw her while her husband was away. But I just can't imagine watching some of the other episodes that are lined up. Prince Philip? Princess Margaret? Pass.

I don't get it. Maybe the fascination is borne from the fact that as Americans, we just have no royalty of our own to compare this to. Or, maybe that's why we have elevated actors and athletes to virtual royalty. Maybe it's some repressed collective memory of once being subjects of the British throne.

Or maybe it's just like I have always said … there were pro-British subliminal messages in all those DangerMouse cartoons that were on Nickolodeon in the 80s. Why else would they have been on? Huh? HUH? That's it, I'm calling Art Bell.

Review by Mario Speedwagon