Diet Dr Pepper

Dear Diary,

I'm not overly impressed with Diet Dr Pepper. So what, so it's Diet Dr Pepper, so what. Tastes more or less like Dr Pepper, but quite diety. It's fine, but it's no Dr Pepper. Hell, it's not even Dr. A+ or The Good Dr.

I shouldn't even drink this piss, it'll rot my brain for sure. But when I'm in need of a caffeinated soda with no calories, I will sometimes drink it anyway. But just let me warn you, stumpy, it's no Dr Pepper or hell, even Lotsa Dr. Pop.

Addendum, four months later: I seem to be quite addicted to Diet Dr Pepper now. In fact it seems to have become my favorite cola-type beverage. Just goes to show you, times change, tastes change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Review by Sour Dick Williams