Gatorade Ice – Lime

Odd that Gatorade would latch on the whole 'Ice' marketing campaign a few years after the fact … a campaign I could never quite trust to begin with. For gum and beer, it kinda makes sense, but the 'Toyota Ice' hatchback?? Callaway Ice golf clubs??? VISA Ice???? Hand me my copy of No Logo, I'm officially inundated.

I'm a tad more forgiving when it comes to Gatorade, a beverage that's near and dear to my "ice" cold heart, no matter how much they continue to rock the marketing mic. Of course, I prefer the classic Gatorade flavors; I just got done running for 90 minutes in 100 degree heat, and I'm nearly ready to vomit, so gimme something light. Gatorade Fruit Punch might be the most drinkable, but it's a bit too heavy going down, and coming back up, then going back down again, trying to wash away what just came up.

Enter the Ice line of Gatorade drinks, with my clear (pun intended) favorite being Gatorade Lime. Lime is an incredibly underrated citrus to begin with, forever linked with its own Daryl Hall, the lemon, but now it's going confidently solo and finding its way into beverages, potato chips, and slushies.

This drink is amazingly refreshing, completely, subtly, and crisply rehydrating my body, allowing me to break into bureaucrats' homes far later into the night these days than in my scurrilous youth. Not to mention it enhances my adverb count, apparently.

Review by Ray Davis, Cat Burglar