American Pie Presents Band Camp (2005)
Directed by Steve Rash
Written by Brad Riddell

American Pie did not deserve a sequel, much less a legacy. Even so, now that the franchise is down to the level of not bothering, it's much less offensive from a critical perspective. Though it's still bad, it's worthy of caring about.

Band Camp is about as good as any of the films in the "official" trilogy, despite having a much stronger reason not to exist. In this outing, we follow the younger Stifler brother (Tad Hilgenbrink, doing a rather irritatingly spot-on Seann William Scott impression … that'll pay off later in life) as he is forced by now-Guidance Counselor "Shermanator" (Chris Owen – and yes, this movie is desperate enough to rely on "The Shermanator" as a "big celebrity cameo") to attend band camp as some sort of "sensitivity training."

Needless to say, at band camp, Stifler is a complete asshole to everyone he meets; he encourages his geek roommate to invent a robot that films girls in the shower (?); he vaguely falls in love with the unlikeliest girl; etcetera. By the second half of the movie, Band Camp has us actually rooting for him, which is as dubious as it is completely irrelevant to anything real or meaningful.

Amazingly, Eugene Levy signed up for this one … apparently it isn't hard to get him into anything. Of course, his wife would disagree! (Laugh track)

Review by Werther Weatherby