golden house restaurant

Golden House Restaurant & Pancake House
4744 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL, USA

Every once in awhile I get a major craving for a Full American Breakfast—eggs, meat, hash browns, toast, and coffee—and I prefer it in a place that's been there forever and doesn't cater to yuppies, couples, or ESPECIALLY yupples. Having winced at that coinage, I'll proceed.

golden house restaurant

Golden House is a classic Chicago diner that has nursed many a morning-after hangover from shows at the nearby rock clubs, and for that purpose it is ideal. With the red vinyl booths and no-bullshit service, it's a quaint, unassuming, and comforting place to break your fast. I stopped by on a weekday morning, so there was almost no one there.

deciding how to break my fast

The menu's extensive (they do lunch and dinner as well), so you're guaranteed to get whatever it is you're specifically craving. Whether they do anything especially well here I am not sure; the food is almost secondary to the ambiance. I considered many options but narrowed it down to the same couple of plates I always get for breakfast in a place like this, deciding on the Combo Breakfast over the Corned Beef Hash.

combo breakfast

Coffee, two eggs over easy, two sausage links, two strips of bacon (I got an extra one I think by mistake), and toast with butter and jelly—everything you want, really. The coffee was a bit tepid, and the bacon was pretty flaccid, but so was I, and so everything was in balance. It's not the most delicious breakfast you will ever have, but it's one of the more unpretentious. Ran me something like $9.96 with tax. I left a nice tip because what, don't you leave a nice tip, cheapo? You so cheap, cheapo!

Review by Pumboo Dongo-Dohnoh, February 2020