Cheerios Berry Burst – Triple Berry

Awful. You can make this shit on your own if you really wanted to. Here's the recipe:

🥄 1 bowl Cheerios, with milk

🍓 Add dried berries to taste

This combination simply does not work. Cheerios are fine on their own as your basic, no-frills oat cereal. Fresh berries would be an intriguing addition, but these berries are dehydrated. I didn't realize how bad they would taste until they were already befouling my mouth. They are bitter, not sweet, and have a texture akin to the soft side of a cat tongue.

I don't understand this drive by food and drink makers to fix what ain't broke. We don't need another variety of Cheerios – that well has been dry for some time now, just like my grandmother's vagina.

Yeah, I didn't want to end it that way either, but someone was going to do it if I didn't.

Review by Cereal Comma