Cinnamon Life

Gone are the days when Mikey's picture graced the cover of every box of Life and Cinnamon Life cereals. The kid was so ugly, but so familiar. Nowadays they have contests to see what cute little monkey will appear on the front, and they're all children who don't stand out and probably wear bicycle helmets along with their parents.

I figure I don't have to look at the front of the box while I'm eating, though, I mean, that's what the back is for. On this particular back, there is a bunch of really unfun Tarzan games. But enough about the box. Onto the cereal.

The cereal is tasty. Not overly sugary. It's a bunch of little oat squares that taste cinnamonalicious. There is a positive crunch factor, but unfortunately it doesn't last to the end of the bowl. By the end, you're try to salvage any crunch you can get, but most of the time it's a soggy mess. A tasty soggy mess.

The contents of the box don't last long, but thankfully there is not much settling. You have maybe four or five bowlsworth available, which will lessen once you start snacking on the stuff, which is inevitable.

According to the box, it provides a good source of calcium. I checked the label, and the cereal alone gives you 10% of your calcium. With milk, it's 25%. I guess that's "good," but it would be a lot better if it provided 100-200% of your daily calcium.

In summary, the cereal is fantastic, but doesn't last very long, which costs it some points.

Oh, if we could all lead a cinnamon life. 🤷🏽

Review by Albert Stephanides