From Kashi to Good Friends

Obviously, I can't let a review of this cereal pass without pointing out: That is easily the most foreign-sounding cereal name I have ever seen in America.

Kashi is a healthy food company based out of California, but I suspect their marketing division is somewhere in Egypt or Turkey or something. Or wishes they were. I mean, would it be possible for them to have found a more abstract cereal name?

Well, about the cereal itself: it is quite good, though health-a-phobes will only find much to confirm their suspicion that all healthy cereals are basically twigs and granola. Indeed, the box even bills this as "A high fiber trio of flakes, twigs, and granola." It's very low fat, has tons of grains, and is pretty tasty, although the twigs are undeniably twig-like.

I think my tastes have come around to the point where a cereal like this is very good—but don't get me wrong, I'd gladly eat a bowl of Golden Grahams if I could afford it.

Well, whatever, that's about all I can possibly say about this cereal without starting to make vaguely offensive remarks about foreigners.

Review by Sally G