General Mills Sunrise Organic

Lucky, which is a third-rate supermarket if ever I saw one, has suddenly jumped on the "healthy" bandwagon and has finally started stocking organic cereals and – welcome to 1991 – soymilk. I don't personally drink soymilk that often (although I do like it), but it helps to have some on-hand when devout vegans and/or deadbeats like La Fée are shacking up in your spare bedroom. It also helps to have strong locks on your bedroom door to keep La Fée from bursting in and attempting to "cuddle" … believe me, I learned the hard way.

So back to the third-rate supermarket Lucky. "Lucky" for us, ha ha, on a recent visit we discovered a new organic cereal that looks like a mutated hexagonal Rice Chex. Now I'm not the biggest Rice Chex fan – in fact, I'm hard-pressed to name a cereal as out-and-out boring – so I was decidedly reluctant to try Sunrise Organic. But my more reasonable, healthier-eating shopping companion wisely steered me away from the Frankenberry I was ogling.

"Lucky" for me … Sunrise Organic is quite good: extremely sweet in the best honey-riffic way, pleasantly crunchy, and stays crunchy long enough. It's tasty enough to eat as a snack while typing up reviews on rival cereals. Plus, the colorful box is easy on the eyes.

My only complaint is that these fat little hexagons take up a disproportionate amount of space in the bowl, forcing the conscientious cereal eater to pour in a quarter bowl extra to make up for the cereal shortfall. But regardless, you'll be "Lucky" to find this cereal at your nearby supermarket. Shall I make more "Lucky" jokes? Oh wow, man, seriously, no need to get personal.

Review by Crimedog