Mother's Groovy Grahams

A groovy cross between Golden Grahams and Cap'n Crunch, this groovy cereal is well worth a try for fans of unsulphured molasses (the ingredient, not the death metal band Unsulphured Molasses).

The grahams are, indeed, groovy, although I should point out that they are not nearly as big as they look on the box. Only now do I notice the fine print notice that they have been "enlarged to show detail." Ironically, that's exactly how I tried to explain my exposed erection as the two cops were arresting me at a local elementary school playground during recess.

I think that Mother's wants you to think this cereal is more like Golden Grahams than it really is, but in fact it's only like Golden Grahams in taste. In texture and shape it's really more like Cap'n Crunch. That's why, before when I said this cereal was a groovy cross between Golden Grahams and Cap'n Crunch, that's what I meant.

Altogether a good cereal, sweet and natural like a very rare stripper.

Review by Patricia Party