Nabisco® Instant Cream of Wheat®

I think I may have prepared this a little too thick, because the end result was very much like eating mashed potatoes for breakfast. Now that's no way to start the day!

Cream of Wheat® is probably the blandest hot cereal you can choose. It is halfway between the sweet unhealthy goodness of those cinnamon type oatmeals and the spartan functionality of those overly good for you grainy cereals. Either way, it's mainly just hot carbs (and be sure to look out for my new diet book, Hot Carbs, hitting stores this spring).

So, it not being especially good for you nor especially tasty, why bother eating Cream of Wheat®? Good fucking question. I only ate it because my office mate gave me a few packets for free. There's nothing wrong with Cream of Wheat® per se, but on the whole I prefer starting the day with a nice piece of fruit (that's how I end most of my days, too, in the "back room" at Mysteries).

Review by Lol Ricardo