Salem Silver Label – Dark Currents

I'm not a menthol man by trade, but suck me dry and thank me for the lift if I'm not a sucker for marketing. Salem, a brand I normally pass by without much thought, has introduced their limited edition Silver Label series: four menthol variations packed in a sliding, silver tin. Goodbye cardio, hello cancer!

Arriving at my local West Indian smoke shop who originally tried to push these on me, I was disappointed to find that the two flavors I was interested in were out, and they only had Dark Currents and and Fire-Something flavor in stock. Ooh, one pack of Dark Currents left, hence my choice, Joyce.

Yeah, I like 'em. Dark and smooth, just like the homemade chocolate I recently started growing in my greenhouse. They smell great, too, which actually might have triggered this allergy-sneeze-induced haze I've wandered through this morning. Well, you know what they* say: "Feeling sick? Light up a stick!"

* The 1954 Tobacco Advertising Executive Council

Review by The Goodbye Guy