Salem Silver Label – Deep Freeze

A mighty Vicks Vap-O-Rub® of a smoke, and I mean that as a great compliment. You can't have too much menthol in a cigarette, just as you can't have too much absinthe in the decanter or too many gunshot wounds in Carrot Top.

I'm almost afraid to question the chemical composition of the ultra-tasty Deep Freeze … I wouldn't be at all surprised to find there is sugar in 'em. It's all I can do to resist the urge to share them with my five-year-old nieces.

With their Silver Label, Salem is finally getting serious about producing quality smokes. The first one of the pack has a green filter – I like that sort of attention to detail. And they come in a super rad tin box that's contoured to fit in your pocket and snuzzle your ass like the meandering hand of a horny, jacked-up, and impossibly fine Brasilian supermodel.

Plus, you can use the tin later to hold change, cards, or your ashes.

Review by Concepción Bingham