Nutter Butter Fudge Wafer Cookie

Nutter Butters might be the greatest non-homemade baked cookie around. Great texture, fatteningly wonderful taste, and a sensuous hourglass shape your tongue can't help but eat out.

So imagine my stomach's surprise when I saw this new addition to the marketplace in my local snack shop. "Hmm, looks a lot like a Nutty Bar®", I said to myself, then immediately proceeded to say to the next five people I encountered in the shop, making everyone involved equally uncomfortable.

I wanted someone, ANYONE to say "YOU'RE the Nutty Bar®," but this is scared corporate America we're talking about here, so I'm sure everyone just quietly murmured to each other after I left.

Well, sure enough, it's another addition to the "Nutty Bar®" family (chocolate-covered wafers with peanut butter), but ah'll be if it wasn't the freshest Nutty Bar® I've e'er had.

I was so impressed that I went to the cashier and actually paid for it, unlike the opened and sampled package of Necco® wafers I left buried in a pile of patriotic stuffed animals. More like "Yucco®," says I.

Review by Gracie "Slick" Jones