Healthy Choice Macaroni & Cheese

This one's a pitiful attempt at homestyle macaroni and cheese, noticeably suffering from the reduction in calories and fat content. Normally I like to champion diet-conscious foods, but in this case, it just sucks.

Bland as all get-out, and inappropriately watery, Healthy Choice Mac & Cheese is recommendable only for those occasions wherein you simply must have macaroni and cheese but simply can not afford to take on the hefty calories.

Really, though, if that situation ever develops, I'd say you'd be better off just eating some real macaroni and cheese and then running an extra five or ten miles to burn it off your fattened ass.

'Cause the Healthy Choice offering is basically no different than if United Airlines went into the frozen food business. Even my fucking whore of a grandmother would think this was way past bland.

Review by Phil Dominoe