Baskin Robbins Trick Oreo Treat

Each October I become a little obsessed with the Trick Oreo Treat sundae from Baskin Robbins. Certainly nothing could be worse for my body, but then what did God create liposuction for, eh? Ehhhh? EHHHHH?

Anyway, it's cookies n' cream ice cream with bits of Butterfinger, delicious enough as it is, but the sundae finds it topped with hot fudge, whipped cream, Halloweeny sprinkles, and two full Oreos.

Pure gluttony, and so damn good. Thank God it is only available seasonally, else I'd be much, much fatter than I already am. Come to think of it, I'm also thankful that my coprophilia only surfaces seasonally as well, because that gets even more out of control than the ice cream.

Review by Lina Felix