Choco Taco

Billing itself as "the original ice cream taco" seems a little specious for Klondike's Choco Taco, as I haven't exactly seen a flooded market of ice cream tacos in my recent travails through the ice cream underworlds.

Nevertheless, the Choco Taco is pretty much a thing of majesty, although it is quite baffling in theory. A sugar cone in place of a taco shell, vanilla ice cream in place of meat, fudge in place of cheese, nuts in place of tomatoes, and chocolate in place of hot sauce – it's an idea that has probably occurred mainly to drunken frat boys, but not to ice cream recipists.

Still, it works pretty marvelously. Really, it's your basic fudge ice cream cone reconfigured into taco form. And while the DEF of yesteryear laughed heartily at the stupid name, the DEF of today has few qualms about proudly stepping up to the counter at Taco Bell and ordering a Choco Taco.

At any rate, both DEFs have enjoyed a Choco Taco from time to time. And believe me, I am as confused as you are as to why I would begin my day with a Slim Fast drink and end it with a Choco Taco, but let's leave my eating disorder out of this.

Review by DEF