Edy's® Dreamery® – Caramel Toffee Bar Heaven

If that name doesn't describe it well enough for you, picture "creamy caramel ice cream with mountainous chunks of real toffee bar pieces and a river of caramel." This scene is actually pictured on the package, and there are even some climbers in the distance rappelling up a mountain of toffee. And it's quite a view from the top.

The caramel river is a tasty distraction from the continents of vanilla, but the true landmarks are the obelisks of toffee scattered throughout the landscape. Much like a wonderful dream, this ice cream leaves you wanting more, because after eating those tantalizing toffee pieces, the only thing that can satisfy you is a full-blown Heath bar.

The more I look at this label, the more I want to live in the land of Dreamery.

Review by Mike Frigidore