Edy's® Dreamery® – Fortunate Vanilla™

As far as Edy's Dreamery ice cream goes, this flavor seems the most conceptual. Perhaps this is a pawn in the ongoing battle of ice cream one-upsmanship, but I do say, this is a hell of a flavor.

The ice cream doesn't look much different from typical vanilla with fudge swirls, but the real surprise is chocolate-covered pieces of actual fortune cookies. The combination is delightful, and there are dozens of chunks.

This isn't one of those ice creams where the star attraction is almost nowhere to be found; you can probably get a fortune cookie piece in every spoonful.

And yes – there IS a fortune printed at the bottom of the pint, but nothing compared to the kind of quality fortune you can receive from a Chinese restaurant. Of course, when the owner makes them up himself, saying things like "I offer my youngest daughter for your sensuous pleasure," it seems any other fortune pales in comparison.

Yeah, being on the Loud Bassoon staff certainly has its perks, but I would trade it all if they would quit making fun of my monstrous club foot.

Review by Mike Frigidore