Edy's® Grand® – Girl Scouts® Samoas® Cookie

I pay close attention to anything that is issued as a "Limited Edition," because it usually means that the item in question is a connoisseur taste that the company has no confidence in the masses latching on to. Edy's Grand Girl Scouts® ice creams are a total no-brainer, but as with Girl Scout® cookies, the excitement needs to be limited to a few months out of the year, or else everyone would quickly realize that these are really no one's favorite sweet indulgence.

Of the Girl Scouts® cookie flavors, the "big" one is Thin Mints®, while my favorite is, typically, the least popular, the chocolate-covered macaroon cookies known as Samoas®. Whether this coconutty concoction actually derives from a Samoan recipe or merely uses the name to evoke an exotic getaway vibe makes no difference to me; they're just fucking good.

The Samoas® ice cream drops cookie bits into caramel ice cream with fudge swirls. They could be more generous with the cookie chunks, but come on, it's like finding yourself at a Hollywood party where you somehow end up making out with Lindsay Lohan … disregard the fact that she's sloppy drunk and just count your blessings, for this is truly a rare moment!

Review by La Fée